Exterior Painting

Being in the painting industry for over 18 years, there is no project we can’t  do.  We are experts  in residential and commercial painting.  We do Victorian Homes,  Restoration of Wood, Stains, window glazing, minor wood repair, minor cement repair. pressure washing services, and more. 

Pressure Washing

Prior to any exterior painting, a detail pressure wash is essential for long lasting results.  From removing loose paint chips to clean surfaces from dirt, it makes a big difference for primer and paint to bond well to the surface that will be painted.

Window Glazing

There are many advantages to doing window glazing and we are going to name a few.  Starting with energy savings.  A lot of times when windows are old, they get openings were the glass and the wood frame connects,  letting air escape through this cracks.

Minor Wood Repair

Exterior of houses in Minnesota have to withstand long winter months as well as humid summer days.  It is a common occurrence to get a few wood pieces to rot and maintenance is required.

Minor Cement Repair

We offer minor cement repair services for commercial and residential painting.  

Exterior foundation wall cement repair.


We offer quality staining services.  Very detailed pressure washing of wood prior to staining is key for a beautiful finish.  We are experts in all areas of staining.  Inside or outside your home or business.

Interior Painting

From the initial prepping of areas to be painted, we are always a step ahead of other companies. There is no cutting corners when we do interior painting.

Water and Fire Damage Restoration

We do complete restoration of areas that have been damaged by water or fire.  Water leaking through the roof happens in many homes in Minnesota.

Popcorn Texture Removal

Popcorn texture used to be the trend in the 80’s and 90’s but now smooth ceilings and knock down textures are the most preferred finishes these days.

Knock Down Textures

Knock down texture ceilings are in high demand these days. The application requires some skills and practice.   Please refer to the Popcorn texture removal section of the website under interior painting to see the steps to prep the ceilings prior to doing the knock down.

Wallpaper Removal

We offer wall paper removal services.  If you know a little about removing wall paper, you know it is a little messy.  Patience when scrapping it off, keeping the wall paper wet, been careful not the damage the sheet rock are all part of it.  

Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing

If you have kitchen cabinets and they are stained and varnished, and you want to change them to white enamels you have 2 options.  First option is to replace your kitchen cabinets with new ones.

Skim Coat

If you have a home that has walls that are bumpy and cracked, and you don’t want to replace them for new ones, we offer skim coat services.  Depending on how bad the surfaces are, we have different methods to skim coat walls and ceilings.



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